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It's West Texas' spin on a time tested business principle. And just as location is crucial to the success of any business, Lamesa's location is precisely what makes it a shining star. Lamesa is central to all the large population concentrations in West Texas including Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Abilene and Amarillo.

Transportation in and out of Lamesa is a snap. Seven excellent highways pinwheel out of the city in every direction making Lamesa a straight shot to wherever you're headed. It's our position on the map and access to major highways that make Lamesa a logical choice for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing sites.


 Economic Development Corporations in Lamesa



            Lamesa Ecomic Development Corporation

    Bobby Gonzales---President
      Greg Hughes------------Vice President
     Dr. Mark Key
     Fred Vera---Board Member
      Mark Boardman----------Board Member
       Mike Duran----------Excutive Director



 LLhdhjllkl                                   Lamesa Economic Alliance Project (LEAP)

Bobby Gonzales-President
 Greg Hughes-Vice President
 Vicki Winford-Secretary/Treasurer
 Fred Vera-Board Member
 Dr. Mark Key-Board Member
Albert Acosta-Board Member
 Allean Jasmin-Board Member
Mike Duran-Executive Director


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